Middle East Studies
College of Humanities and Social Sciences

The Perils of Cultural, Material, and Quantitative Orthodoxies

Hero meis
School of Policy, Government, and International Affairs, 
Middle East and Islamic Studies, Arab Studies Institute, and Global Frontiers of Research Methods


The Perils of Cultural, Material, and Quantitative Orthodoxies


Thursday | April 28

6 pm

Merten Hall 1202

George Mason University


pizza and drinks served

open to the public



C H A  R    M I L L  E R

Politic Science


M I N G     W A N 

"Events-Transformed Structures" for Foreign Policy Analysis


J. P.  S I N G H 

A Same-Sex Marriage: 

Culture and Mixed Methodology


E R I C   M C G L  I  N C H E Y

Burning the Straw Man: 

Serious Theory Testing and Its Methodology Implications 


B A S S A M    H A D D A D

Cultural Approaches to Understanding the Middle East: 

Between Analytical Sloppiness and Ignorance 

(Or, Making Essentialism Great Again!)


M A T T   S C H E R E R 

Interdisciplinarity, Collection, and the Study of Politics


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