Academic Programs

The Middle East Studies Program offers a minor with a wide range of course selection. The minor in Middle East Studies is an interdisciplinary program that is designed to equip undergraduates with a firm multidisciplinary grounding in the region, its history, and its international relations. 

Along with Ali Vural Ak Center for Global Islamic Studies, it has established a MA in Middle East and Islamic Studies. The interdisciplinary MA in Middle East and Islamic studies introduces students to the major issues and debates in the study of the Middle East, Islam and Muslim socieites. Students study historical and contemporary topics—as well as theory and methodology—from both regional and global perspectives.

Highly qualified undergraduates pursuing a BA in select majors may apply to the accelerated master’s degree in Middle East and Islamic Studies. If accepted, and depending on their undergraduate major, students will be able to earn an undergraduate degree in their chosen major and a graduate degree in Middle East and Islamic studies after satisfactory completion of 144 credits, sometimes within five years.