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NEWTON 2013 Year in Review

This is work that spans disciplines, regions, and methodological and theoretical approaches. We offer it for scholars working in the field, as well as teachers and students looking for recently published sources in Middle East studies.

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Stephen Day, Regionalism and Rebellion in Yemen

My book fits into a category of new studies in the field of contemporary history, politics, culture, religion, and international relations concerning the underlying dynamics of the 2011 Arab democratic spring. Readers of the book will learn that Yemen stands out as a unique participant in this dramatic moment of world history.

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Maaike Voorhoeve, Family Law in Islam

All our contributions are about matters of marriage and divorce, but each focuses on a particular country in the region (Tunisia, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Iran, and Yemen). The book is divided into two parts: the first part talks about public debates on family law reforms, and the second part talks about practices of judges, lawyers, and litigants.

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India: Wounded States (Special Issue of Warscapes)

This issue addresses literature stemming from postcolonial, sub-national conflicts within India, many of which have resulted in long-term military occupations. It also takes into account representations of marginalized Muslim populations who have been historically discriminated against in a Hindu-majority nation.

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